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Cat care tips

Cat care - the best tips and tricks

Cats put a lot of effort into their own care. Nevertheless, you should support your four-legged friend with personal hygiene.

Cats are generally very easy-care animals that are known for their personal hygiene. Nevertheless, you can save your room tiger a lot with supportive care measures. It is important in cat care to be careful and never use coercion. Instead, get your cat used to a routine slowly and playfully and build trust in the processes step by step.


Cats are known for their cleanliness - and even do most of their personal hygiene themselves. Nevertheless, cat care is also part of your job, because there are places that even the most articulate tongue or paw cannot reach. There are a number of things you can do to support your little tiger with daily care. More of cat care tips...

Dog care tips

Dog care - the most important tips

It is best to find out about dog care before you buy a dog. As a dog owner, you are not confronted with most problems and the resulting errands, purchases, and questions, but you can take care of your dog carefully and caringly depending on the event. It also makes it possible to train the respective procedures from the earliest puppy age on the four-legged friend, which significantly increases acceptance in the dog. An overview of the most important topics is summarized below.

Dog care

Basically, grooming the dog is not only important for hygiene but also beneficial for the relationship between humans and animals. Your dog should have your ears, eyes, fur, and teeth examined easily without growling or even biting. The motto here is practice early! Get your dog used to regular care as early as puppy age. More of dog care tips...

Parrot care

Parrot as a pet - tips for keeping and grooming

parrot - ara

The parrot has the highest life expectancy of all pets. If the lively feather friends are properly cherished, they can even live to be around 100 years old, depending on the species. People often make the mistake of choosing a parrot because they consider it particularly tame or even decorative. Another tempting reason to buy is the often given language skills of the funny two-legged friends. The attitude of feathered creatures often turns out to be more complicated than it appears at first glance. Parrots are undoubtedly very sensitive birds. More of parrot care...

The care of the rabbits

The care of the rabbits

Regardless of whether the rabbits live indoors or outdoors, some care is always required. Rabbits are very neat animals and always try to keep their fur clean and in order, but it can be helpful if people help a little, especially in times of fur change, with long-haired breeds or older animals. The claws also require special attention. If this should become too long, a nozzle is recommended from time to time.

The most important piece of equipment for rabbit husbandry is a sufficiently large barn or cage in which the animals have enough space - the larger the better. Of course, the cage should not be the permanent place of residence for the rabbits but should serve as a protected retreat or for temporary safe storage. Optimally, the rabbit should always be able to decide for itself when it is in the cage or stable or when it is moving freely: this can be an outdoor enclosure or a rabbit-proof room. The run should be at least four square meters for two animals, for each additional animal add two square meters of space. More of rabbits care...

Hamster care

Grooming for hamsters

The small rodents normally do not need human help with grooming. Hamsters usually have rather short fur and do intensive grooming every day. Since the small rodents can do this very well on their own and the contact with the comb and brush causes discomfort to most animals, human intervention usually only means unnecessary stress.

Hamster spa

A sand bath should not be missing in any hamster home for the optimal care of fur and claws. A bowl filled with chinchilla sand is the perfect place for deep hamster care. An extensive bath helps the little rodents to reduce stress. More of hamster care...











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