Hamster care

Hamster care

Grooming for hamsters

The small rodents normally do not need human help with grooming. Hamsters usually have rather a short fur and do intensive grooming every day. Since the small rodents can do this very well on their own and the contact with the comb and brush causes discomfort to most animals, human intervention usually only means unnecessary stress.

Hamster spa

A sand bath should not be missing in any hamster home for the optimal care of fur and claws. A bowl filled with chinchilla sand is the perfect place for deep hamster care. An extensive bath helps the little rodents to reduce stress.

Healthy hamster nutrition

A balanced mixture is important so that your fur nose can hamster healthy. In summer, when the harvest is due, there is an ample supply of food. Grains, seeds, herbs, and fruits are stuffed into the cheek pockets and hammered under construction for the winter. When he doesn't have to the hamster, the hamster particularly likes to eat insects, fresh herbs, or flowers.

Little effort with a big impact

In addition to complete cleaning, wet or dirty litter, especially in the toilet corner, should be replaced several times a week. This prevents the formation of parasites and unpleasant smells.

Keep teeth and nails in shape

Your nails and teeth should always be in shape. As a rule, the nails wear themselves out if you put a rough stone in the cage and lure your hamster with a treat several times a day so that it marches over it. If this is not the case, you can carefully shorten it with a nail trimmer. However, this is usually not necessary.
Your hamster should also have no problems with your teeth if you regularly give it non-toxic twigs to chew on. These grind off the teeth.