The care of the rabbits

The care of the rabbits

Regardless of whether the rabbits live indoors or outdoors, some care is always required. Rabbits are very neat animals and always try to keep their fur clean and in order, but it can be helpful if people help a little, especially in times of fur change, with long-haired breeds or older animals. The claws also require special attention. If this should become too long, a nozzle is recommended from time to time.

The most important piece of equipment for rabbit husbandry is a sufficiently large barn or cage in which the animals have enough space - the larger the better. Of course, the cage should not be the permanent place of residence for the rabbits but should serve as a protected retreat or for temporary safe storage. Optimally, the rabbit should always be able to decide for itself when it is in the cage or stable or when it is moving freely: this can be an outdoor enclosure or a rabbit-proof room. The run should be at least four square meters for two animals, for each additional animal add two square meters of space.

Care of the claws

A rabbit's claws must always be kept in mind. They quickly become too long, which can lead to adhesions and painful deformations. Optimal claws lie in a straight arch on the floor when the rabbit is sitting and only protrude a little from the fur.

Rabbit ear care

Rabbit ears only need special care in the event of illness. For ram rabbits, however, you should check every few days whether the floppy ears are clean and smell good. There are care products on the market that should be carefully cleaned from time to time.

The handling of the rabbit

Are rabbits actually cuddly toys? Do they even like it when they are carried around for hours and showered with human love? Do they tolerate cuddling and joking or are rabbits skeptical about physical contact? That all depends! In any case, a rabbit can never be compared to a dog that has a very close bond with its owner.

Summer is free time

Do something good for your rabbits and give them more exercise and exercise than last year.

Do you have to bathe rabbits?

Rabbits are neat animals that spend a lot of time grooming. There are exceptions, however, in which a rabbit also has to go to the bathroom: in the case of parasites or diarrhea, when it is necessary to clean the fur in the anus region before an infestation by flies can take place. To ensure that the procedure, which is inevitable in these situations and always stressful for the animal, runs as relaxed as possible, place a water bowl on the floor for bathing, which is at most eight centimeters high with lukewarm water. The rabbit must not be in danger of submerging its head. After bathing, dry the rabbit carefully.